Greetings Anew

Hello gentle people,

It’s been a minute since I’ve written on my blog here, primarily because I reasoned that my primary audience was on Facebook during my hike, and I didn’t want to add any obstacle to reading my posts. Even one unnecessary click is too much; it’s too much like the bureaucracy from which I am now free. And would you believe that my determination to document my life on my device would dissipate completely when I reached my destination? Neither my thumbs nor my will could hack it anymore; I still don’t have my final journal entry fully recorded.

I’ve been off of the Trail for three weeks now, and home for about a week. Yes, it took two weeks of plying the system before it yielded me a seat on a plane. Fortunately, I have good friends all around who looked out for me, housed me, fed me, and kept me entertained… and now I am back beside my husband, who so diligently supported me for the five months that I was away; to him I owe my eternal gratitude.

I am also reunited with my computer, from which I am now happily writing. As the dust settles and I establish a new routine as an unemployed dependapotomus abroad, I expect that I will use said computer to that end quite often. The Trail indeed fulfilled its purpose, allowing me to both shed the bitterness accrued in five years in uniform and find a sense of purpose and direction for the way forward. If the Trail taught me one thing over all others, it’s that I know who I am, and I know where I belong – it just took me some time to fully embrace it.

That interval came full term yesterday afternoon, when I experienced a paradigm shift of such magnitude that only my ultimate acceptance of my whole self can boast greater importance. I’ve slid from the ephemeral world of ifs and maybes to the concrete world of wills and will nots. Even at a dramatic pay cut, I will not follow the well trod path from junior military officer to mid level corporate manager; it is anathema to my soul, and I won’t have it. I will pursue my interests in the natural world, the arts, and the humanities, building upon what skills I do have and acquiring those that I must to succeed. It’s not an easy life per se, but it is much more personally satisfying – there is so much more to life than the acquisition of wealth, and I want it.

Accordingly, I’ll be writing with increased frequency, perhaps even regularity. I’ve got a lot to learn and a lot to share, and this is my ideal platform for delivering on the latter. I hope you’ll join me on my merry way.

All the best –



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