Ho Hum New Post


Greetings, friends,

Isn’t she purty? She’s a mutant mother aloe plant!

Anyway, it’s been a good stretch since I last wrote, and I could attribute that to any number of factors. Suffice it to say, the pursuit of many tasks¬†must, of necessity, relegate some tasks to darkness – it’s been a good while since I’ve played my piano, and my French is fermenting like a fine aged cheese. This, alas, has been one more of those tasks. Oh, the things that we surrender to the march of time.

Not that writing is a task, mind you. Since I’ve stopped writing on my blog, I’ve begun writing speeches towards my Toastmasters credentials – me, a future competent communicator! I’ve enjoyed those speeches because they give me a chance to vocalize my writing, to focus on speaking in a more colloquial style. As you may or may not know, I have a penchant for poetic prose, and it doesn’t lend itself particularly well to everyday communication. My brother will have you know that I’ve also been a historically stiff person √† la C3PO, but I’ll pin that one on a suppressed sexuality – no more!

I’m closing in on the final month of my marathon training – unlike my last effort, I gave myself more than one month to train! My goal is to qualify for Boston 2018, and I see no reason as to why I should fail. I’ve seen my times drop from the uncomfortable eights into the low and sustainable sixes. Pending the arbitrary heat and humidity of a Dallas morning, I’m pretty sure I could clock a sub-3-hour marathon tomorrow. Alas that I have a full-time job, and another month yet to finesse my best. I gotta start eating on my runs again. Bananas. Mmmmm.

Expect to see more of me as time progresses – I’ve quite enjoyed this post-run writing session, and I might broaden it to a series of one-hour-or-bust-type affairs. When I’ve not been working or writing or speaking or teaching or singing or running or cooking, I’ve been tinkering with ferments far and wide – or low and deep. I’ve gotten pretty good at grains and beverages, I daresay, and I’ve been crossing into dairy with increasing regularity: I make all of the yogurt Loc and I consume, I make my own butter, and I have everything (short the milk, which I can source this Saturday) to make aged cheese IN MY POSSESSION!

Yeah, I’m pretty pumped.

A brief note on bread: I’m going to have to delve into proprietary affairs before I start divulging my recipes, many of which I’ve pulled from books (I love books). There’s a wealth of sourdough stuff floating around on YouTube and the blogs, but the true success of the loaves I make rests not so much in the recipe as in the technique – the baker’s craft is initially academic, but overwhelmingly a matter of foundation-based intuition an experienced eye and hand. I’ll teach you some of that stuff though; it is really, really cool – and positively delicious!

In conclusion, life is just too fascinating to be lived in ascetic silence. By any measure, I’m not an ascetic, anyway, and I’ve got a passion or two that I’ve been itching to share.

As per the scribbled note in my Ragnar Skul cap,

Be a dynamo of irrepressible joy.

Happy Tuesday, everybody.