Our Move Is On!

Greetings one and all –

You know, the thing about writing a regular blog, is that you don’t always want to write a regular blog. Any habit, I guess, is subject to our whims, emotions, and erstwhile distractions, and any habit worth keeping requires that we overcome those obstacles. Fun, huh?

Anyway, here we are; our move is upon us.

I can’t say that it came on us fast, but the fact that half our belongings will sit in a Texas warehouse without A/C certainly did. So, we’ve gone from planning to stash a large number of things in storage while we’re abroad, to selectively separating the safe from the spoil-able. At least, what we hope will be safe from the spoil-able: all of a sudden, my wine supply and our paintings are joining us on our Asian excursion – glad the government’s accommodating there. I’ve had skunked wine before; I don’t remotely recommend it. Melted paintings though? Might breed a modern masterpiece! We don’t want to risk that though. I guess I’m getting more conservative with age – or I’m not 23 and light of possessions anymore.

I spent Thursday working while Loc managed the move. I’ve been drafting a persuasive speech for Toastmasters, and I’m arguing for a more mobile lifestyle than the average sedentary style… on the floor. I’ve been sitting on an exercise ball or kneeling in myriad different ways at work since November; it’s finally catching on with my peers. One coworker has recently assumed a similar setup, though he has yet to buy in on the ball, and several of my coworkers are intrigued – I love watching how little cultural shifts ripple through a group. I learned about the sit-to-rise test, which asserts that one’s life expectancy is directly correlated to one’s relationship to the floor, at least the ease with which one can get down to and up from it. My coworkers spent a few minutes trying to figure it out themselves – some of us have work to do. The cool thing, though, is that any informed work you do will reap real benefits – just stick to it!

But for real, if you’re reading this standing or in a chair, do yourself a favor and sit on the floor. You can squat if you like too – your body’s best position is its next one. So, sit on the floor and move often. Look at this awesome graphic of non-chair/couch sitting options! Isn’t it amazing? 


Are you on the floor? Try it for a bit. Build on it tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day, and so on. Build a new habit. Move more. Mix it up. For more, check out this link, then keep learning. I love Katy Bowman – she’s amazing. 

Good? Good.

Moving comes with the offloading of personal projects too. My new coworker grew up in Asia and is equally taken by the floor thing. But she’s also a fledgling container gardener, and an aspiring organic one too! She mentioned an interest in worm composting and container gardening the other day. In doing so, she solved one of my last logistical problems: she’ll take my worm bin!  It’s funny, she’s following the exact same path I set out on last January, and she’s as excited as I was. She’s also inspired me to go back to Homestead Heritage, an agrarian society with 19th century aspirations outside of Waco  – yes, that Waco. It’s a gorgeous place.

I’ve part and parceled my plants out to my peeps too – most of those are at work now, and most of them have been claimed. I imagine I won’t have any difficulty parsing out the rest of them either. Equally cool, my coworker wants to buy my car! So, we’ll sell mine and send Loc’s forward. If I can do it, I fully intend to go car-free in Korea. I trust that, with the public transportation, I can do it. Climate change is real, and if I can further reduce my footprint, I will. That, and I enjoy a good challenge – immersive language learning  is an exceptionally fun one.

It’s Saturday as I write, and my friends and I are currently cabin camping up in Oklahoma. We were going to go real camping, but the forecast this Wednesday showed a heavy wall of rain passing right over us, so we opted for plan B and divvied up responsibility. Plan B’s been good – it did indeed rain fiercely on Saturday, so much so that our power went out – that kicked my planning brain into hyperdrive. I have crème brûlées in the fridge, bread proofing on the counter, no electricity, and an increasingly warm house! I also have a grill, a few coolers and a substantial temperature differential. So, I’ve got an open door for air conditioning, my dough in a cooler with ice packs to keep it in check, and my Dutch oven heating up on that grill. Never done it before, but there’s a first time for everything.

The power has since come back on, but all systems are go – I’m running with it. Why not?

That, and life’s all about adaptation. It’s not the strongest nor the fittest, but those most adaptable to change who thrive.

Stay nimble, my friends.

Happy Sunday,


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